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By Victor Davis Hanson

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The Greeks of the classical age invented not just the valuable notion of Western politics--that the ability of nation may be guided through a majority of its citizens--but additionally the vital act of Western struggle, the decisive infantry conflict. rather than ambush, skirmish, maneuver, or strive against among person heroes, the Greeks of the 5th century b.c. devised a ferocious, short, and harmful head-on conflict among armed males of every age. during this daring, unique learn, Victor Davis Hanson indicates how this brutal company used to be devoted to a similar consequence as consensual government--an unequivocal, immediate answer to dispute.

The Western method of War attracts from a rare variety of sources--Greek poetry, drama, and vase portray, in addition to ancient records--to describe what really came about at the battlefield. it's the first research to discover the particular mechanics of classical Greek conflict from the vantage aspect of the infantryman--the brutal spear-thrusting, the trouble of battling in heavy bronze armor which made it not easy to work out, pay attention and circulate, and the terror. Hanson additionally discusses the actual and age of the lads, weaponry, wounds, and morale.

This compelling account of what occurred at the killing fields of the traditional Greeks finally exhibits that their type of armament and conflict was once contrived to lessen time and lifestyles misplaced by way of making the conflict event as decisive and appalling as attainable. Linking this new kind of scuffling with to the increase of constitutional executive, Hanson increases new concerns and questions outdated assumptions concerning the heritage of war.

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