Download E-books Exile of Lucifer (Chronicles of the Host, Book 1) (Volume 1) PDF

By D. Brian Shafer

How Did Lucifer Get to the purpose of No Return?

Setting the heavenlies as a backdrop, D. Brian Shafer leads readers in the course of the angelic political labyrinth that can have existed earlier than production. through following the exploits of Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer, and lots of different influential angels, the reader is afforded a behind-the-scenes view of the supernatural realm that pre-existed earth. As God kinds the hot planet, Lucifer weaves his personal plans with intrigue, seducing different angels into looking a "truth" no longer provided by way of the main excessive. by means of promising destiny merits for current loyalties, Lucifer demonstrates huge, immense political and persuasive skill in either realms—the supernatural and the actual. Shafer paints lyrically crafty situations describing Lucifer's slow slide downward into evil and his try out coup d'état in Haven.

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Download E-books The Voynich Manuscript: The Mysterious Code That Has Defied Interpretation for Centuries PDF

By Gerry Kennedy

An exam of the numerous theories surrounding this enigmatic textual content, it sounds as if written in code

• finds the connections among this paintings and the Cathars, Roger Bacon, and John Dee

• Explains the cryptanalysis tools utilized in makes an attempt to wreck the code

• contains colour photographs from the manuscript juxtaposed with different medieval writings

Since its discovery by means of Wilfrid Voynich in an Italian monastery in 1912, the Voynich Manuscript has baffled students and cryptanalysists with its unidentifiable script and peculiar illustrations. Written in an unknown language or an as but undecipherable code, this medieval manuscript comprises countless numbers of illustrations of unknown crops, cosmological charts, and inexplicable scenes of bare “nymphs” bathing in a eco-friendly liquid that a few interpret as a symbolic depiction of human replica and the becoming a member of of the soul with the physique.

Gerry Kennedy and Rob Churchill discover the secret surrounding the Voynich Manuscript, interpreting the various present theories concerning the attainable authors of this paintings and the data it may possibly include. They hint the speculative historical past of the manuscript and display those that will be hooked up to it, together with Roger Bacon, John Dee, and the Cathars. With the chance that it can be a misplaced alchemical textual content or different esoteric paintings, this manuscript continues to be the most interesting but enigmatic files ever to have come to mild.

Gerry Kennedy is a contract author and has produced a few BBC Radio four courses, together with one at the Voynich Manuscript in 2001. Rob Churchill is a qualified author who has written scripts for lots of creation businesses, together with the BBC and Thames tv. either authors have been experts for the BBC/Mentorn motion pictures documentary The Voynich Mystery. They dwell in London.

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Download E-books The Weiser Concise Guide to Alchemy PDF

By James Wasserman, Brian Cotnoir

In The Weiser Concise consultant to Alchemy, Brian Cotnoir deals an in depth, step by step advent of Alchemy that explores its mysteries whereas illustrating its use as a contemporary non secular process of attainment. He offers an outline of the background of Alchemy, from the 1st meldings of Egyptian expertise, throughout the heart a while -- the golden age of alchemy -- correct as much as modern options.

He demystifies the connection among Alchemy and chemistry, and he presents facts to detractors that Alchemy is way greater than a medieval kind of psychotherapy. (The advisor contains sensible laboratory experiments that appropriately, and intelligently, lead readers to an realizing of this historic artwork and non secular practice.)

The Weiser Concise advisor to Alchemy is replete with genuine routines of the alchemical artwork such as:
• Distillation and additional methods to extract aqua vitae and the "spirit of wine";
• The purification of salts via calcination, crystallization, and sublimation;
• complex tactics for acquiring such alchemical precursors as Archaeus of Water, Oil of Tartar, and the Spirit of Wine of the Sages;
• natural paintings for acquiring spagyric tinctures, magistries, ens, and stones;
• Mineral paintings for acquiring the salts and oils of metals.

The Weiser Concise advisor to Alchemy makes Alchemy a practicable and invaluable modality that may be used for figuring out and dealing in live performance with the energies of Nature for non secular improvement, therapeutic, and transformation.

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Download E-books Kindoki: a Manual of African Witchcraft and Brujeria PDF

By Afefe Ogo

Kindoki offers African the way to the Western occultist from a Left Hand course viewpoint. should you grew up analyzing imprecise little booklets present in the nook botanica, to people who prefer huge ceremonial tombs, this article will bridge the space by way of aiding the genuine practitioner accomplish initiatives in an easy yet particular demeanour. Kindoki is a glance at witchcraft and witchcraft dependent traditions from the viewpoint of an skilled practitioner of African sorcery tools. the writer is an initiated Santero within the Parana line from Cuba, tracing his lineage the entire as far back as one of many founders of los angeles Regla de Ocha. He has labored with Palo Mayombe, Hatian Voodoo and Mexican withcraft for over two decades and holds a number of initiations in each one culture. Afefe Ogo says ".... actual magical power is derived from the person witch's artistic strategy and their reference to these forces that they've built relationships with" and in Kindoki the reader will learn how to wield powerful equipment that certainly foster any such reference to the 'forces' that experience helped Magicians/Sorcerers/Witches/Shaman practice their magical energies for hundreds of thousands of years.

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Download E-books The Book of Ceremonial Magic PDF

THE paintings called Goëtic, being that of incantation, of sorcery, fascination and of the illusions and impostures attached therewith, has come a little arbitrarily to suggest the final factor in diabolism of the extra catholic and common artwork that is termed sensible Magic. The latter designation implies that there's a Magic at the theoretical part, or, because it could be, a philosophy of the topic, and this back is of 2 types: in glossy days it has embodied quite a few makes an attempt to supply a proof, a operating speculation, for alleged phenomena of the previous; of outdated it got here ahead with the accessory of authority and wearing the warrants of a unusual and mystery wisdom; it taught instead of defined. in the back of this, in advantage of a selected assumption, there stood the resource of such authority, the college or faculties that issued, to be able to communicate, the certificate of identify which the documents of the expounding grasp are meant to shew that he possessed. Herein resided most likely that greater Magic which justified the unique that means of the time period Magic; this used to be the technology of knowledge, and of that knowledge which was once the difficulty of expertise and data specific to sacred sanctuaries within the years of the Magi. during this demeanour a distant and summary beauty has been allotted to the sensible paintings; yet among this element as we all know it differently and that dream because it has been dilated within the different types of its expression there's the type of relation which subsists among renown and its non-fulfilment. If Magic in its right and unique that means be synonymous with knowledge; if that knowledge, by way of advantage of this assumption which i've got pointed out, have been whatever inconceivably nice, it really is of certitude that it had no causal reference to the congeries of arts and techniques that are understood via useful Magic. That there has been, as there nonetheless is, a technological know-how of the previous sanctuaries, i'm yes as a mystic; that this technology issued in that have which imparts knowledge i'm additionally sure; however it didn't correspond to any of the humanities and approaches to which I refer right here, nor to something that are obtained through the brain because the results of their exaltation. the honour of possible therefore already condemned is as a result governed out of the inquiry which i've got tried within the current paintings. i've got additionally governed out, because it might be noticeable, the differences that have subsisted among the great and evil aspect of the humanities and approaches, now not that it doesn't exist at the naked floor, yet as the features dissolve into each other and belong one to one other within the root that's universal to either. the particular query prior to us is after what demeanour, if any, magical approach attracts something from mystery culture long ago, and so enters into the overall topic of such culture, even if in Christian or anterior occasions. it's going to and will in basic terms be of culture on its valueless part, and it'll now not exalt a subject matter which the documents of centuries have shewn to be incapable of being raised; it's going to, although, allow us to understand the place we're. at the face of the query a practice of all types of garbage is especially prone to were passed down from antiquity, and in admire of occultism, the final waft and scattermeal has handed into the Grimoires, Keys of Solomon and different rituals innumerable wherein paintings Magic has handed into written list. As this booklet represents, below a brand new identify and with many additions, a piece which used to be issued initially in 1898, i've got authorised the chance to point its place in recognize of way more very important works embodying my development of the key culture in Christian occasions.

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Download E-books Veneficium: Magic, Witchcraft and the Poison Path PDF

By Daniel A. Schulke

Veneficium matters the intersection of magic and poison, originating in remotest antiquity and achieving into the current day. past their services as brokers of physically damage, poisons have additionally served as gateways of spiritual ecstasy, occult wisdom, and sensorial aberration, in addition to the root of treatments. Allied with Samael, the Edenic serpent of first transgression whose identify in a few interpretations is 'Venom of God', this part of magic wends throughout the rites of historical Sumer and Egypt, via ecu Necromancy, Alchemy, the arcane the rites of the Witches' Sabbath, and modern day folks magic. Of specific observe to this examine are the herbs of the so-called 'Devil's Garden', bearing relation to the witchcraft suggestions of the Graal of middle of the night, the Witches' Supper, and the Unguentum Sabbati, the flying ointment of the witches which has exerted fascination over student, historians, and practitioners alike. past attention of the toxicological dimensions of magical energy, the concurrent thread of astral and philosophical poisons also are tested, and their resonance and dissonance with magical perform explored. Veneficium may be of curiosity to scholars of magic, witchcraft, alchemy, botanical folklore, drugs, and occult pharmacology.

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Download E-books The Supernatural Worldview: Examining Paranormal, Psi, and the Apocalyptic PDF

The Supernatural Worldview is a e-book of Christian apologetics from an apocalyptic point of view. Many supernatural and paranormal phenomena are tested with biblical discernment and a few of the standard evangelical solutions are stumbled on in need of. on the other hand, cautiousness is inspired and an ominous trumpet sounded in mild of prophetic predictions.

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Download E-books Learning Ritual Magic: Fundamental Theory and Practice for the Solitary Apprentice PDF

By John Michael Greer

Learning Ritual Magic is a coaching handbook for somebody fascinated by bettering their magic in response to the western secret traditions, together with tarot, ritual magic, Qabalah, and astrology. "What you get out of [magic] could be measured accurately by way of what you're prepared to place into it- and time is the fundamental element in winning magical training," the authors write. And simply as not anyone expects to run a marathon or play a Bach violin concerto with no adequate education, so practitioners of the mystical arts will not anticipate to paintings advanced, robust magical rituals with no stable grounding within the thoughts of airtight excessive magic. by means of spending at the very least a part hour an afternoon training the teachings present in Learning Ritual Magic, the solitary apprentice attains the correct basis and event for operating ritual magic.

Learning Ritual Magic offers classes on meditation and a suite of routines designed to boost uncomplicated talents in mind's eye, will, reminiscence, and self-knowledge, all of that are absolute basics to magical attainment. whereas the authors speak about the necessities of magical conception, they concentrate on day-by-day, simple views instead of launching into info of complex practice.

Designed for the solitary practitioner, Learning Ritual Magic concludes with a rite of self-initiation.

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Download E-books Hecate's Fountain PDF

By Kenneth Grant

Started within the paintings of the hot Isis inn as they created what Kenneth furnish describes as tangential tantra a profound disturbance which lies among dreaming and dreamless sleep within the realm of evening. a lot of this fabric had a Lovecraftian weirdness and depth. it's chronicled right here with a poetic immediacy that outlines the manifestations of the top magical region this facet of the Abyss. A needs to for all scholars of the occult.

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