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By Terra Whitley

This word list makes a speciality of the idea that of Beverages:

1. Alcohol Glossary
2. Beer Dictionary
3. Cocktail thesaurus A-F
4. Cocktail thesaurus G-M
5. Cocktail word list N-Z
6. espresso Glossary
7. Dairy Glossary
8. Tea Glossary
9. Whiskey Index
10. Whiskey thesaurus A-B
11. Whiskey thesaurus C-K
12. Whiskey thesaurus L-Z
13. Wine word list A-E
14. Wine thesaurus F-N
15. Wine word list O-Z

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Stout: a truly darkish, heavy, top-fermented beer made up of light malt, roasted unmalted barley, and sometimes caramel malt. Stout was once first brought through Guinness as an additional stout model in their porter. the hot stout used to be darker, hoppier and richer than porter, which it progressively overtook in acceptance. A contrast is drawn among candy stout and dry stout: even if either are hugely hopped, candy stout is much less sour than dry stout. See additionally: Russian stout. robust sour: A British-style dry ale brewed to an unique gravity within the 1050s, and having the next alcohol content material than a "Best" sour. powerful Scotch Ale: Scotch ale brewed to a better unique gravity and having the next alcohol content material than on a regular basis brewed Scotch ale. See: Scotch Ale. candy Stout: The English model of stout rather than the dry stout of eire. It has a touch lactic taste and is much less alcoholic than dry stout. T Tannins: natural compounds contained in convinced cereal grains and different vegetation. Terminal Gravity: Synonym for particular gravity. Trappist Beer: Any beer brewed in a single of the six ultimate brewing abbeys, 5 of that are in Belgium, and one within the Netherlands. Top-fermented, darkish amber, and reasonably powerful, they're bottle-conditioned. foundation dates again to the center a while. Trub: Suspended debris produced from proteins from the malt and tannins from the hops which aid to elucidate the wort. Row Barley: the kind of barley used to brew Samuel Adams. row barley is costlier than six row barley, the sort utilized by so much significant brewers, and it has extra taste. V Vienna variety: A reddish-amber, sweetish, malt-accented lager, initially brewed in Vienna. W Water: one of many 4 parts of beer. the one requirement for water utilized in brewing is that or not it's drinkable. Chemically conversing, brewing water will be non-alkaline and of a undeniable hardness, must haves simply attained with the correct remedy. Weihenstephan: The oldest brewery on the planet. Now a brewery and brewing college positioned simply open air Munich. Weissbier: In Germany, a customary identify for wheat beers. Weisse capacity white, and such beers are typically very faded and cloudy, with a white foam. Weizenbier: In Germany, a familiar time period for top-fermented wheat beers, specifically these of the south. Weizenbock: In Germany, a wheat beer of bock power. Wheat Beer: Any beer containing a excessive share of malted wheat. All wheat beers are top-fermented and lots of are bottle conditioned. Witbier/White: a standard wheat beer initially brewed within the Belgian cities of Hoegaarden and Louvain. Whirlpool: A vessel utilized in the brewing approach, used to take away the trub from the wort. Wild Yeast: Any airborne yeast. Now to be had in cultured shape. Wort: The liquid malt extract that's filtered from the mash in the course of lautering. A candy, amber coloured, transparent liquid, wort is largely nutrients for the yeast. Y Yeast: one of many 4 components of beer. Yeast is a unmarried phone organism whose metabolism converts the sugars inside the malt into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

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