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By William J. Slater

From the introduction:
"It is time," wrote Wilamowitz in 1907, "that Nauck's version of Aristophanes
of Byzantium used to be redone," and lots of occasions during the
last few years i've got had reason to ask yourself on the knowledge and discretion
of these students who became a deaf ear to his injunction. no longer least, it is
a humiliating event to try to keep on with after the younger Nauck, whose
erudition and precision must have made it most unlikely for somebody to
improve on his version of 1848. in lots of methods this version isn't really what I,
let on my own Wilamowitz, may have needed. the distinction of Erbse's edition
of the Homeric scholia have made me lessen the Homeric part to little
more than an index locorum with precis, even though i've got attempted to make
it valuable by means of together with all attainable go references to the lexical works
of Aristophanes. through the observation is short, and cognoscenti will
readily increase on it; however the literature on a gloss akin to proxenos would
by itself now fill a quantity, and a dialogue of the proof for deer
species in early Greece some distance exceeds the competence of this author. Nonetheless
I have commented on these glosses the place it looked as if it would me that
Aristophanes was once facing a philological challenge recognized to his contemporaries;
and to this finish i've got taken a few care to gather relevant
testimonia, in view that i feel that with no such aid historic glosses can
mislead instead of inform.
The glosses and testimonia are given in Latin, grown rusty via years
of instructing classical civilization, however the remark is in English, for the
simple cause that i locate myself not able to speak about a few issues like
fallow-deer with adequate readability in Latin. back notwithstanding i've got made an
honest attempt to procure all pertinent books, the reader may still recognize that I
have now not had entry conveniently to an enormous library, in order that i discovered it impossible
to payment all my citations of the D scholia to Homer, which while a new
edition is obtainable needs to sooner or later be in comparison with Aristophanes.

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Seh. Dem. 651,20; breviatum seh. Dem. 175,21; seh. Aeschin. 3,138; seh. Dem. 515,12; 489,27; Ael. D. ι 2: Eust. 405,35; Ph. s. v. πρόξενος; Su. s. v. πρόξενος et ίδιόξενος; seh. Luc. 8,8 R. ; adde Amm. 411; BA 298,27; seh. Luc. 7,6 et 7,10 R. ; seh. Eur. Androm. 1103. Aristophanes' insistence on appointment via political determination is misplaced within the testimonia. 302 (XXXVII p. 191 Ν. ) δ ο ρ ύ ξ ε ν ο ς . M L: δορύξενοι δε οί κατά πόλεμον αλλήλους φιλοποιησάμενοι. Ρ: δορύξενοι δε, ως εικός, οί κατά τον πόλεμον αλλήλους φιλοποιησάμενοι. Seh. Luc. 8,1 R. et loh. Siceliota VI, 363 W. : φασί δε και δορυξένους ούτοι τους κατά πόλεμον αλλήλους φιλοποιησαμένους, ως Διομήδης Γλαϋκον. Seh. bT in Δ 377, cf. Eust. 485,12 (ό πολέμου χάριν ή εκ πολέμου φιλιωθείς, ως Γλαυκός και Διομήδης); ballot. 3,60 (ό εκ της κατά τον πόλεμον επιμιξίας την γνώσιν πεποιημένος); Ael. D. ι 2 = Eust. 405,35, Ph. ; Su. s. v. ίδιόξενος, cf. seh. Dem. 651,20; Paus, δ 24 = Eust. 405,41 = Ph. δ 724 Th. (ό εκ 301-305 one hundred and one πολεμίων φίλος και ό πρεσβεύων περί λύτρων, ει ζωγρηθεΐέν τίνες), quae verba Su. s. v. δορύξενος habet addito tarnen in positive exemplo illo trito ως Γ. και Δ. , quod rectius advert ό εκ πολεμίων φίλος pertinet. Duobus aliis locis eadem iuncta videmus: Hsch. s. v. δορυξένους et Amm. 411 (δορύξενος δ' ό κατά πόλεμον γενόμενος φίλος· άλούς γαρ και ξενίων τυχών άφείθη προς του πολεμίου λύτρα λαβόντος, μνα δ' ην ή τεταγμένη, κομίσας δε και φυλάξας την πίστιν έγένετο φίλος και δορύξενος έκαλεϊτο) quae sum nescio quomodo coniuncta cum Plut. Mor. 295 c (v. Fraenkel advert Ag. 880); neque Aristophani hanc fabulam tribuerim. Nihil advert rem conferunt sch. Soph. O. C. 632 de M. , cf. seh. Soph. El. forty three. All surviving examples of this poetic observe healthy Aristophanes' definition. The testimonia concerning ransom look a later fiction. 303—305 (XXXVII p. 193 Ν. ) π α ρ ε π ί δ η μ ο ς , μέτοικος, ίσοτελής Ρ: μέτοικος δε εστίν οπόταν τις άπο ξένης έλθών ένοικη τη πόλει, τέλος τελών εις άποτεταγμένας τινάς χρείας της πόλεως' έως μεν οΰν ποσών ημερών παρεπίδημος καλείται και ατελής εστίν, εάν δε ύπερβη τον ώρισμένον χρόνον, μέτοικος ήδη γίνεται και υποτελής, παραπλησίως δε τούτω και ό ίσοτελής. 303-5 ballot. 3,55-6 304-5 Amm. 247. 315 303 ballot. ; aliter Hsch. 304 ν. imprimis Harp. 126,29 = Su. = Ph. 263,4 et Amm. 247; ballot. 3,55, sch. Plat. Remp. 562 e, p. 263 Gr. , Leg. 850 a, p. 339 Gr. , cf. Hsch. ; BA 281,19 = Su. (V2); Ph. 263,23; sch. Soph. O. C. 934 (Su. ); sch. Ar. Ach. 508 (Su. ); sch. Ar. Eq. 347 (Su. ); BA 298,28 305 Amm. 247 et Harp. 102,24 (Su. ι 665,667); ballot. 3,56; Hsch. ι 989; Phryn. fr. l de Bo. = Σ (Ph. = Su. = Ba. 263,25), cf. Hsch. ι 988; BA 298,28; sch. Dem. 475,11; Tim. Lex. eighty two; BA 267,1. not one of the testimonia is going again on to Aristophanes: none makes use of the unclassical be aware παρεπίδημος; Harpocration s. v. μετοίκιον cites 3 comedian poets as well as orators, yet now not for info in P. just like the previous political glosses, our testimonia return to a standard resource later than Aristophanes, most likely a lexicon of political Attic phrases. See D. Whitehead, The Ideology of the Athenian Metic (Proceedings of the Cambr. Phil. Soc.

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